Our authors are all recognised financial experts: chartered accountants, auditors, lawyers and professors

Gilles <strong>BARJHOUX</strong>

Accountant and Auditor

Danièle <strong>ATTIAS</strong>

Teacher at Paris Central School

Michel <strong>TERNISIEN</strong>

Member of the CCEF Board

Maïté<strong> ROUANNE</strong>

Accounting, Management control, Business Finance and Tax law teacher

Rémy <strong>PALIARD</strong>

Finance teacher at EM Lyon since 1980

Florence <strong>HAHNLEN</strong>

External consultant

Pascal <strong>LANGEVIN</strong>

Doctor in management and teacher at EM Lyon since 1986

Le Dang Bao <strong>CHAU</strong>

Teacher-Researcher in sociology

Pierre-Jean <strong>FERRY</strong>

Lawyer, member of the Bar Association's board

Pascal <strong>GILQUIN</strong>

Consultant in finance and management

Luc <strong>LANDRIAULT</strong>

Member of the CPA Board since 1993

Nam Michel-Paul <strong>TRAN TU</strong>

Financial Accounting, Tax, Internal Control & Compliance