Finance teacher at EM Lyon since 1980

  • In charge of teaching in financial analysis and company’s evaluation for all the EM Lyon programs
  • In charge of many bespoke programs, for ARCELOR, BAYER, BONGRAIN, DANONE, PECHINEY, SAINT-GOBAIN, SCHNEIDER Electric, SAFRAN


  • 1999 : international research on high-growth firms’ valuation processes of Venture Capital firms and Underwriters (United States, Canada, UK and France), financed by Deloitte and Touch, Siparex, ParisBourse, and Le Grand Lyon, 100 000 Dollars).
  • 1995 : study on the market for the Nouveau Marché, the French market for fast growing high-tech firms, financed by ParisBourse
  • 1994-1996 : 3 years program on medium-sized firms financial strategy, along with a team of three professors, financed by ParisBourse and CREDIT AGRICOLE (80 000 Dollars).
  • Co-Author with Franck Nicolas, Gilles Barjhoux and Pascal Langevin of the course on the valuation of the company corresponding to the course 5 “Price and value of the company”.
  • Co-author of Module 117 « Approach to Value Creation » of the course 11 « Finance for Managers”.
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