Our technical and pedagogical teams create playful, dynamic and
interactive training modules.

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  • An interactive and playful learning

    Our visual and animated contents make the training lively, easy to understand and strenghten memorising the treated notions.

    Our e-learning modules are made of :
    – Simple and concise texts
    – Voice-overs recorded by professional actors
    – Attractive animations to make the comprehension easier
    – Illustrations to contribute in memorising and understanding the different ideas

  • A pedagogical method

    Each e-learning module is made up of a serie of learning pedagogical units (chapters from 5 to 15 minutes) allowing the trainee to tackle a theme step by step.

    Every training chapters contain a glossary in which the trainee can find the definition of the essential terms he will meet in the module.

    The covered chapters can be reviewed as much as it’s necessary.

  • An evaluation of the knowledge

    There is an evaluation test at the end of each e-learning module (quiz, QCM and case studies) allowing the trainee to be the actor of his training in finance.

    A customised and detailed correction is always provided with each exercise taking over the notions treated in the training.

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